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About us

We aim to change the future of work.

Since our inception, the team at QTalo has been driven by a simple but powerful vision: to build the next generation of Management Insight tools.

We want to reshape the dynamics of business leadership, reduce managerial overhead, and foster a more efficient, engaged, and effective workforce.

Mockup of mobile app showing the QTalo search feature that can easily search emails, messages, documents, calendar items, spreadsheets and more — all with a single search query.Image of three office workers as 3D characters
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There must be a better way

QTalo CEO Devin Mahoney used to spend 7 hours every week in meetings, reading emails, and bouncing through different tools just to be able to gather all the necessary information and details from across his teams to create accurate status updates.

QTalo was conceived from his vision to revolutionize managerial work by harnessing advanced technologies to tackle the common challenges faced by managers.

Photo of Devin Mahoney, QTalo CEO
We want to give managers superpowers.
Devin Mahoney, QTalo CEO

Our AI Pledge

It's clear that the new generation of PM tools will harness the power of AI. QTalo is committed to doing so responsibly, focusing on the identification and mitigation of emerging risks and ethical considerations.  

See our AI Pledge.

A speech bubble quote from Ivan Milovidov, CIO of QTalo. "At the heart of our tech lies a fundamental respect for privacy. We do not train on customer data or release it to third parties. We believe in a simple yet powerful principle: It's your data, not ours."

The leaders behind QTalo

QTalo is driven by an exceptional team of industry leaders. Each of us brings unique skills, diverse experiences, and a relentless dedication to revolutionizing leadership.

Photo of Devin Mahoney, QTalo CEO

Devin Mahoney

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
An esteemed leader in tech and cybersecurity, Devin is renowned for elevating startups to unicorn status. At QTalo, he drives a visionary approach to transforming project management efficiency through innovative solutions.
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Photo of Ivan Milovidov, QTalo CIO

Ivan Milovidov

Co-Founder & Chief Information Officer
A visionary in cybersecurity and SaaS, Ivan has transformed industries with his innovative solutions. As CIO, he aligns IT strategy with business goals, ensuring security and driving technological innovation with his forward-thinking approach.
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Photo of Vera Worri, QTalo's CTO

Vera Worri

Chief Technology Officer
With a deep-rooted passion for problem-solving, Vera has excelled in AI and software development — shaping impactful solutions for high-risk sectors. She is fostering a culture of research-driven innovation at QTalo.
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Photo of Suzanne Reeves, QTalo Chief Design Officer

Suzanne Reeves

Chief Design Officer
Suzanne is an innovative leader with a history of impactful ventures, including Unicorn Fuel and Art+Soul Design. Her immense passion and diverse expertise in design, entrepreneurship, and product helps drive QTalo's mission forward.
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Photo of Sophia Fleming, QTalo's Product Manager

Sophia Fleming

Product Manager
An accomplished Product Manager, Sophia boasts a history of impactful roles at tech giants like Snap Inc., Compass, and Atlassian. Her expertise in product development and strategic vision is a valuable asset to QTalo's growth.
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Photo of Kirk Clyne, QTalo's Creative Director

Kirk Clyne

Creative Director
Kirk boasts two decades of digital design expertise. Co-founder of Art & Science, he's renowned for his versatile skills, client portfolio, and industry recognition, elevating QTalo's creative output.
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Photo of Scott Eichner, Operations Manager

Scott Eichner

Operations Manager
An experienced operations professional, Scott excels in streamlining processes and optimizing startups. As founder of The Onside Company and Startup Generalist Operator at of All Trades, he brings a wealth of operational excellence to QTalo.
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Photo of Andres Mancini, QTalo Advisor

Andres Mancini

Andres, a seasoned marketing leader with over 25 years of experience, serves as an advisor to QTalo. His career spans Madison Avenue, global marketing, and public affairs, guiding teams and crafting influential brand strategies.
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Our mission

To unlock the full potential of managers & their teams

Outstanding leadership isn't about the size of your management team, but about its effectiveness. Our platform reduces time spent searching for critical data and provides insights to help managers remove blockers and reduce risk.

Our values

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Leaders and their teams should have effective tools for informed, strategic decision-making.
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Non-essential tasks should be eliminated so you and your team can focus on what matters most.
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By leading teams more efficiently and effectively, both people and operations are elevated.
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Communicating clearly and promoting mutual respect builds the foundation of trust.