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Our Ethical AI Pledge

Our investment in research and development extends to the cutting edge of AI, focusing on the identification and mitigation of emerging risks and ethical considerations.

We adhere to a rigorous methodology in AI development, underscored by our AI Pledge.

A speech bubble quote from Ivan Milovidov, CIO of QTalo. "At the heart of our tech lies a fundamental respect for privacy. We do not train on customer data or release it to third parties. We believe in a simple yet powerful principle: It's your data, not ours."
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Do no harm
AI that is safe, fair, respects everyone's data & considers the impact on humans.
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Learn continuously
We are committed to proactive education about how to use AI responsibly.
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Design for everyone
Our products are easy-to- use and aim to meet diverse needs.
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Respect data rights
It's your data, not ours. We won't sell or train on it. You may access or change it.
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Maintain balance
We stand for a balance between technology and human values and wisdom.
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Be open and honest
We're transparent about how we use AI and your data.
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Value everyone
Different views make our AI better and fairer.
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Enhance don't replace
Our AI aims to empower, not replace, humans.
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Lead by example
We will advocate for AI that aligns with our values.